The Nomination/Voting poll is open to all community members, fans, friends and family. Everyone can nominate who they think worked hard and rocked it each year! All members of the community are eligible. Only one nomination per IP address is accepted by the system as well as your email needed. 

These awards have different meaning to everyone. To some, they represent hard work and incredible talent. To others, they represent new trends in the industry. To us, they mean: love & respect. We celebrate all of the hard workers in this industry by giving them love and support. We respect the community by giving them a platform to reward each other. Each year, these awards are highly anticipated by all.

A.G.E. Award Past Nominees & Winners

For the year 2018 (winners announced early 2019)

Most Innovative Product- Pocket Hero by Evol Empire, Nominees: Outside/In bong by Hamm, ReMibulator by Eusheen

Top Photographer- Jeff DiMarco, Nominees:, Pyroscopic

Emerging/Breakout artist- Bear Mountain Studios, Nominees: Firefly, Avatar 

Best OG Other than Glass- Puffco Peak, Nominees: Diamond Loop terpcycler by J-Red, Pelinail

Pacific Region Artist- Banjo, Nominees: Buck & Laceface

Central Region Artist-Steve Sizelove, Nominees: Freeek, Salt

Mountain Region Artist- Eusheen, Nominees: Elbo, Joe P.

Atlantic Region Artist-Peter Muller, Nominees: AKM, Coyle

Best Company- Mothership, Nominees: ILL Glass, Evol Empire

Glass Gallery- Headies Hideout, Nominees: Ziggy’s, Illuzion, Witch Dr. 

For the year 2017 (awards given in early 2018)

Most Innovative Product- Hemisphere Recycler by Dream Lab- Nominees: Flux Satellite by ILL glass, Float Through Recycler by E. Ross 4.0, Element by Evol Empire

Top Photographer-Borophotographer- Nominees: Pyroscopic, Windhome Photography, Jamie Zill, ARey, Jeff DiMarco

Best Company- Mothership- Nominees: ILL Glass, Toro, Sovereignty, E.Ross 4.0, Evol Empire

Best Mille Pull- LSD by Arik Krunk & Contrabasso- Nominees: Jerry Garcia by Jerry Kelly and David Kaminski, Sappari Castle by Dan Benway, A.Books Moon by Jerry Kelly, Glass of the Living Dead by Stephen Boehme, Greg Wilson & Grimm Glass, IT clown by Stephen Boehme

Best “OG” Other than Glass Product- JP Toro Quartz line Core Reactor/Terp Slurper- Nominees: Honey River 710 ENail, Gavel by Highly Educated, Thermobucket by Whitney Harmon

Glass Gallery- Headies Hideout, OH- Nominees: Legacy Glassworks, Glass Station, Witch Dr., Ruckus Gallery, The Cave, Ziggy’s

Glass Collaboration- Radiation Transmutation Devi by Banjo, Rose Roads, Disk & Yoshinori Kondo- Nominees: Kraken by Babedrienne & Wicked Glass, Krunkulator by Arik Krunk & Eusheen, Allosaurus by Buck & Quave, Pirate Ship for Ziggy’s Classic

Emerging Glass Artist- Wicked Glass- Nominees: Josh Scolari, MAP glass, JH Glass, Murdoc Glass, John Williams

Pacific Region Glass Artist- Banjo- Nominees: Buck, Hoobs, Darby Holm, Dosa, Phil Siegel

Central Region Glass Artist- Salt- Nominees: Brandon Martin, Freeek, Ghost, E Ross 4.0, Steve Sizelove

Mountain Region Glass Artist- Eusheen Goines- Nominees: Joe Peters, Big Z, N8 Miers, Puntington, WJC

Atlantic Region Glass Artist- Peter Muller- Nominees: Elbo, Slinger, AKM, Germ, Trevy Metal

For the year 2016 (awards given in early 2017)

Philanthropic project acknowledgment

Michigan Glass Project, The Boroderby, Brando’s Toy Drive, Drinking Vessels

Glass Installation

AKM Skull Color Chart for Northstar, The Lightseeker by Laceface, Living Light Sculptures by Ubatuba, Sacramental Vessels by Banjo

Atlantic Territory Glass Artist

AKM, Coyle, Elbo, Germ, Peter Muller, Slinger

Central Territory Glass Artist

Brandon Martin, Cold Drink, Freeek, Ghost, Micah Evans, Micro

Mountain Territory Glass Artist

Eusheen, 2 Stroke, Big Z, Erik Anders, Joe Peters, N8 Miers

Pacific Territory Glass Artist

Banjo, Buck, Cowboy, Mr. Gray, Quave, Ryno

Best Glass Collab

“BKT” by Mothership & Team Japan, Nebula Panther by Buck & Adam G, Niko Cyan by Eusheen & Team Japan, Nokomis by Banjo & Joe Peters

Emerging Glass Artist

Emily Marie, Glasshopper, Pogo, Swanny, Trevy Metal, White Monkey

Best Glass Company

E. Ross 4.0, Evol Empire, Ill Glass, Mobius, Mothership, Seed Of Life

Glass Gallery

Illuzion CO, Mellow Mood OR, Mr. Smokes FL, Rodeo Smokeshop CA, Ruckus Gallery PA, Sky High AZ, The Cave CA, Witch DR PA, Zen Gallery FL, Ziggy’s CA

Best “OG” Other than glass

Pukin’ Beagle, Dabsketball Banger, Miss Mary Jane Co, Halen Trough

Most Innovative Product or line

Domer Double, E. Ross 4.0 Day Tripper, Ill Glass Flux Cycler, Liquid Glass Arts Dodecahedron, Seed of Life Lacesphere

Best Glass Mille Pull

Autumn Series by Glasshopper, Berenst#in Bears by Beth & Jesse James, Project 33 Art units by Marcel Braun, Matty White & Mike Warren, Rick & Morty by Erik Anders, David Kaminski & Ian Cohen, Sexy Leia by Josh McDaniel, Yoda by Josh Poll

For the year 2015 (awards given in early 2016)

Atlantic Territory Glass Artist

Slinger, Coyle, Peter Muller, Germ, AKM, Elbo

Central Territory Glass Artist

Snic, Kind, Micro, Ghost, Micah Evans, Cold Drink

Mountain Territory Glass Artist

Eusheen, WJC, Erik Anders, Laceface, Calm, Joe Peters

Pacific Territory Glass Artist

Banjo, Cowboy, Buck, Jason Lee, Mr. Gray, Quave

Best Glass Collab

Pure Intentions by Malaquias & Sven, Freija by Banjo, Snic, Tristan Hodges, Peltzer, Zanfirico by Salt & Harold Cooney, Only Kings Smoke Kleins by Joe Peters & Elbo, Sticky Nicky by Banjo, Mr. Gray, Seth Jones & Ben David

Emerging Glass Artist

Malaquias, Certo, Mike Raman, Amani Summerday, Rye, Brian Jacobson

Best Glass Company

Evol Empire, Mothership, High Tech Glassworks, Eric Ross 4.0

Glass Gallery

Illuzion, Sight N Sound, Mr. Smokes, Go 2 Burn, Rodeo Glass, The Cave

Best “OG” Other than glass

Quave Club Banger, D-Nail, Highly Educated, J-Red Diamond Knot

Mille Pull by an Artist or Collab

For the year 2014 (awards given in early 2015)

Atlantic Territory Glass Artist

AKM, Coyle, Elbo, Germ, Natey Biskind, Slinger

Central Territory Glass Artist

Brandon Martin, Ghost, Kind, Micro, Salt, Snic

Mountain Territory Glass Artist

Burtoni, Calm, Eusheen, Joe Peters, Nate Miers, WJC

Pacific Territory Glass Artist

Banjo, Buck, Darby, Jason Lee, Ryno, Quave

Best Glass Collab

Megatron by Banjo, Elbo & Punty, Ayahuasquara by Banjo, Joe Peters & WJC, Spiritmonster by Cowboy, Dellene, Facetmaaa & T Funk, Weapon of Peace by Darby & RAM, Slop, Rose Roads, Yoshinori Kondo (Honorary International Nominee)

Up & Coming glass artist of the year (now known as Emerging glass artist)

BMFT, Niko Cray, Sagan, JD Maplesden, Etai Rahmil, Big Z

Best Glass Company

E. Ross 4.0, Hitman, Mobius, Mothership, Pyrology, Toro

Glass Gallery

Illuzion, Goosefire, Wonderland, The Cave, Made, Fuzion

Best “OG” Other than Glass

Highly Educated, Budderblocks, Oil Slick, D-Nail, Hive Ceramics, Happy Daddy

Most Innovative Glass product or line

E. Ross 4.0 line, Hamm’s Waterworks Windowpane recycler, Wormhole by JD Maplesden, Dabuccino by Evol & Hitman, Club Banger by Quave, Mothership product line

Best Mille Pull by an artist or collab

RAD by Jason Lee & Tara Roberts, Anatomy of a cell by Josh Ford, Alice in Wonderland by Grimm, Sublime Sun by Josh McDaniel, Ryan Mcluer, Michael Mcluer, Greg Chase, Snoopy comic strip by Jesse James, Serial Killer Series by Stephen Boehme

Best Glass Artist for Collectible items

Shelbo, Mike Gong, AKM, Yoshinori Kondo (honorary international nominee), WJC, Nate Miers

Best Female Glass artist of the year

ACE, Dellene Peralta, Zii, Laceface, Sakibomb, Tammy Baller

For the Year 2013 (awards given in early 2014)

Best Female Glass artist of the year

Dellene Peralta, Christina Cody, Laceface, Zii, Sakibomb, Tammy Ball

Atlantic Territory Glass Artist of the Year

Germ, Coyle, Joe Peters, Zach P., Kurt B., Elbo

Central Territory glass artist of the year

Brandon Martin, Stoke, Ghost, Salt, Snic, Micro

Mountain Territory glass artist of the year

Burtoni, Nate Miers, Eusheen, CALM, WJC, Merc

Pacific Territory glass artist of the year

Quave, Ryno, Darby Holm, Chris Carlson, Buck, Banjo

Up & Coming artist of the year

BMFT, Adam Reetz, Rob Morrison, Grimm, Phil Siegel, E Box

Most Innovative glass product or line

Klein by Quave, Mothership line, Nectar collector by Kristian Merwin, Honeycomb design by Joe P., Teacup Chihuahua pendant by K-Nine, Riglet by Pyrology

Glass Gallery

The Cave, Fuzion, Goosefire, Illuzion, Mellow Mood, Wonderland

Best “OG” Other than glass product or line

Highly Educated, Oil Slick pads, Puff N Dabs torches, No Goo container, Happy Daddy, G Pen

Marble Maker glass artist

Mike Gong, Yoshinori Kondo (honorary international nominee), Jared Delong, Gateson Recko, Josh Sable, Kenan Tiemeyer

Mille Pull by artist or collab

Batman Series by Jason Lee, Princess Bride series by Andy Buckles & Jason Lee, Day of the Dead by Strobel, Wu Tang series by Gabe Halliday

For the year 2012 (awards given in early 2013)

coming soon!

For the year 2011 (awards given in early 2012)

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